Heart of Shadows

Book One of the Shadows, Ashes and Dust Trilogy


The Blurb:

When love is a matter of life and death, it’s not about giving your heart, but saving it.

Somewhere, in a sleepy English town, desperate seventeen-year-old Evie Anderson jumps to her death.

Seeing Evie fall, Josh Winters plunges into the river to save her. But Josh is the Angel of Death sent to collect her soul, and saving Evie is against the rules. In giving Evie her life back, Josh has betrayed Death, and must give his life for the one he saved. But Death has other plans for him, and soon Josh finds himself embroiled in a Divine War between angels and demons, with the future of Heaven, Hell and the human race at stake.

Unaware of this epic struggle or of the angel that saved her, Evie wakes up in her bed alive, with no memory of how she got there; a single diamond earring and a petrol black feather the only clues as to what happened. Confused and desperate, she sets off on a quest to find out who saved her and why. Evie has a second chance at life, but what will she do with it?

As their worlds begin to collide, can they conquer their demons, in the epic struggle for survival? With Death standing between them, can love triumph as they fight for their lives?

Told from a dual perspective, Heart of Shadows is the thrilling first book in the darkly romantic and heart-breaking, Shadows, Ashes and Dust trilogy. A gripping story about love, grief, death, resurrection and second chances.


Heart of Ashes

Book Two of the Shadows, Ashes and Dust Trilogy


The Blurb:

Seventeen-year-old, Evie Anderson, thinks she has her life sorted; she’s battled her demons, got through a major depressive episode, and has found love with Josh. Life is looking good. So what could go wrong?

Everything if her demons, Death, and her own mother, have anything to with it.

Josh is the love of Evie’s life. There’s one problem; he’s an Angel of Death and his life is owed to Death as payment for his betrayal. His crime? Saving Evie when she attempted suicide. Now, as further punishment, he finds himself embroiled in a fight to stop Hyperion, a renegade angel who wants to bring about The Apocalypse, a Divine War between angels and demons. How does he continue to protect Evie and stop Hyperion, whilst keeping Death at bay?

Evie knows nothing of his other life. How will she cope when the two worlds of life and death collide?

Told from a dual perspective, Heart of Ashes is the thrilling sequel to Heart of Shadows (the first book in the Shadows, Ashes and Dust Trilogy). Heart of Ashes is a deeply dark and heartbreaking tale about grief, families, resurrection and what it means to love.

Heart of Dust

Book Three of the Shadows, Ashes and Dust Trilogy


The Blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Evie Anderson thinks she’s silenced the demons in her head. She’s battled depression, sunk to the lowest depths of despair, and risen again victorious. But the demons inside her have only been sleeping and growing stronger. Now they have crawled out of her head and become reality, will she be able to keep her own demons at bay as they are joined by forces much darker?

After Josh, her boyfriend, reveals that he is an Angel of Death, she finds her herself at the centre of the fight to stop Hyperion, a renegade angel, from igniting a Divine War between angels and demons. With the future of the entire world at stake, how will she find the strength to fight those who wish to destroy everything she holds dear?

Then there’s the little problem of Death.

She requires Josh’s life as payment for his betrayal. He saved Evie when she tried to end her own life and now his life is forfeit. How will Evie find the strength to fight the demons knowing that the one person she truly loves will be taken from her?

How does one human keep fighting when there is no hope?

Heart of Dust is the dramatic conclusion to the Shadows, Ashes and Dust Trilogy. Told from Evie’s perspective, this is an urban fantasy romance with a twist. The story of one girl’s battle to fall in love with herself. Heart of Dust is a heartbreaking tale about grief, death, resurrection, and what it means to love.

Also by Angela Nock:

Dragon Rider


The Blurb:

The hatred, the need for revenge has kept me alive for far too long and now it pulses through my veins like my lifeblood. I fear it will never go. I will never be free. Devilsgate has risen up from the ashes of the ruined city of Birmingham. In 2035, after years of rebellion, Devilsgate is ruled from the shadows by Fenrik “The Spider” Lasko, the Crime Lord who seeks to purge it of all remaining humans. Seventeen-year-old Drake Blackthorn is the last Dragon Rider. A Bounty Hunter by necessity, for the last few years he has earned his living amongst the dregs of the populace. But now he has returned to Devilsgate to wreak his revenge upon Fenrik Lasko for the murder of his father. So when Willow Ravenwood, a human witch from Drake’s past, pleads with him to help her find The Emerald Key, the most powerful spell book ever to be written, so that she can save the lives of the human orphans, will Drake be able to put aside his burning need for revenge to help her? Or will he succumb to his fury and destroy everyone and everything he has ever loved? Dragon Rider, a gripping tale set in a dystopian future where humans are subjugated by their Faerie Overlords. Join Drake Blackthorn and Willow Ravenwood as they race against time in the adventure of their lives.

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