New Year – New You – New Writing Goals!! Five tips to help you on your way!

So, Christmas has been and gone and now it’s time to start thinking about the new year and your plans for writing.

God, the title I’ve picked for this article is far too happy and jolly. Especially when I look out the window and I see the cold, miserable weather and the fact that I’ve given up alcohol.

Don’t worry, it won’t last. Dry January for me lasts about a day. Hoorah!

But I’m a complete lightweight so, don’t be like me. Be that person who makes goals and sticks to them.

Why should we listen to anything you say, Angela, if you can’t even last for a day without alcohol, I hear you say?

Because you are stronger than me.

I am weak.

And I do it so you don’t have to. I’m good like that, I’ll take one for the team 🙂

So, here’s a list of five things that you are going to do (and I should be doing) to stay ahead of this writing game (but I won’t because I suck at this adulting malarkey :)).

One – Set realistic goals.

Set a target amount of words to write each day or week and stick to it. And write it down!

Keep it realistic though.

Mark Dawson writes three-thousand words a day.

I salute him!

Me, I’m lucky if I get five-hundred down, but that’s okay. Know what you can do comfortably and stick to it.

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Two – Keep positive.

I may not be at the top of my game at this quite depressing time of the year. I may also have failed on the dry January thing. That’s okay.

There’s always next year.

See, I’m a very positive person.

You can be too.

When you’re setting your goals, remember to be strong about it and write it down using the words “I will” instead of words like “I might” or “I’ll try.”

You can get those words down, so do it!

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Three – Be SMART

Use the SMART template to set out your goals. Set:


Measurable goals that are


Relevant and


Check out more about the SMART system of setting out goals here.

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Four – Ask yourself why you are writing.

If you know why you are writing you’re more likely to do it.

I write because I have to. My brain needs it, so, primarily I write for myself. I write to give myself a voice when I feel my voice gets lost in all the background noise. I write to work through things that have happened or are going to happen, to set things straight in my brain. I also explore things in my writing that fascinate, horrify or scare me (the subject of death fits into all three of those categories. And, I do like to write about death, in some way, shape or form in most things I write. I can’t help it. I’m weird).

I need writing like the air I breathe.

So I write.

Five – Keep your list of writing goals visible.

That list of goals ain’t going to do anything if it’s left in a cupboard to rot like a corpse. That list ain’t Dracula, it needs daylight to succeed. It also needs you to look at it and take notice!

What other things would you add to this list?

What are your writing goals for this year?

And are you going to stick to it?






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