Five Beautiful Bookmarks

I love reading, both for relaxation and pleasure, and as a writer. I have a whole room where every nook and cranny is filled with books (Marie Kondo would hate me 🙂 I make no apologies!)  Anyway, the one thing I don’t have enough of is bookmarks. Bookmarks seem to go missing in my house. I have no idea where they disappear to but, disappear they do. And I’m certainly not the type of monster to fold the corner of a page! So, I decided to make a range of good quality, resin bookmarks.

This is my first one, a sleeping moon lying on a starry sky:

You can find it here for £6.50 (and free shipping!)

Here are four more beautiful bookmarks from Etsy:

image 0

This is gorgeous!! This real orchid resin bookmark is made by Nature’s Adornment Shop and costs £18.99. You can find it here.

Fancy a personalised one? Look no further than Beaus Boutique Shop.

These cost just £7.50 and can be found here.

De Vore Hardware have these gorgeous bookmarks made from real Red Mallee wood and resin:

image 0

They cost £10.28 and can be found here.

How about this black and gold bookmark from Tree Faze

image 0

This is a simple but beautiful and elegant design. It costs £6.00 and can be found on Etsy here.

There are some beautiful bookmarks out there, why don’t you go and have a mooch?

All prices are correct at time of posting. I have not been paid to advertise any of these products.

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