Pain Distraction – Polymer Clay Unicorn Bauble Project

Hello again!

Today I’m going to share with you what I have been messing around with recently. I’m becoming almost as obsessed with polymer clay as I am with resin. This project can use both! Win, Win in my book. Not only that, it’s unicorns, and who doesn’t love unicorns?

What you will need:

Polymer clay (in whatever colours you want or have)

Rolling pin

Round cookie cutter

Greaseproof paper

Cling film

Cocktail stick

Unicorn horn mould (optional)

Glitter (optional)

Resin (optional)

How to make a Polymer Clay Unicorn bauble:

First, take whatever colour of polymer clay you want to make your unicorn out of. Here I’m using white:


I rolled the white in my hand to warm it up and made a ball, then, sandwiching it in two pieces of greaseproof paper, I rolled it out flat to a couple of millimetres thick. I peeled the top paper off, placed a layer of cling film over the clay then used the cookie cutter to cut out a circle. Using the cling film gives the cut-out clay a bevelled edge.


Next step was to take some gold clay and work it in my fingers until it was soft. Then, I broke small bits off and gradually added a piece at a time into the unicorn horn mould. You don’t have to use a mould. You could just fashion the horn with your hands but I like to cheat and use the mould 🙂 (What? Never said I was perfect, did I…? Lol!!). After I’d reached the required height I popped the horn out of the mould and attached it to the round circle of white clay:



I then fashioned two pieces of white clay into ears and added those with pink inserts for the inside of the ears:


The next step was to take small bits of pink and purple clay to make small flowers for the unicorn’s headdress. I made roses by rolling small bits of clay around each other and fashioning them into flowers like so:


I then added the flowers on to the unicorn’s head to make a flower headdress. I added little leaves of green to make it all come alive:


Once I was satisfied I had enough flowers, I coated the white face with some mica powder to give a golden-white finish to the unicorn:


Using a cocktail stick, I put a hole in the top of the horn for hanging the ornament and then popped it in the oven following my clay’s instructions. I took it out of the oven and once it had cooled down I added eyes with a gold pen used for decorating glass. Then I sealed this with a sparkly nail varnish top coat:



I also made a purple unicorn covered in glitter which I sealed with UV Resin instead. This is what it looks like:



As you can see, they’re not perfect by any means but I really enjoyed making them. I’m more confident with the process now and have made this Gothic Unicorn which is in my store:


Her name is Belladonna. I used black, silver and purple clay with acrylic crystals for added sparkle. I’ve put a hole in her horn to fit a pinch bail, through which I’ve threaded black sparkle ribbon so you can hang her on a tree. You can find her here. Or you could have a go at making one yourself. I’d love to see your creations if you do!

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