My Six Tips to Decorate a Christmas Tree

It doesn’t matter whether you have a real or artificial tree, decorating it is so much fun! These are my tips to make it easy and as fun as possible. So kick back, put some Christmas music on, grab yourself a glass of mulled wine, maybe a mince pie and let the fun begin! And, if you’re like me and have a chronic illness, pace yourself, and take a break if you need it!

  1. My top tip, especially if you have an artificial tree, is to put the tree up the day before you decorate it. This, in my humble opinion, is the only boring part of the Christmas tree process. Put it together, fluff out the branches to make it look plumper, then leave it. I promise you, when you wake up the next day you’ll be raring to go and get it decorated!
  2. Lights go on first. It doesn’t matter what colours you use. Personally, I love the warm clear lights. I love Christmas nights in front of the fire with these Christmas lights on; it’s so cosy! Make sure you tuck the lights inside the tree and don’t just place them on the outside. If you snake them inside the branches it adds more depth to the tree. Weave the lights in and out from the trunk to branch tips. It’s easier to get them evenly distributed over the tree if you switch them on first before placing them on it. White cables look best on white trees, green cables on green trees.IMG_20171210_152544
  3. Next, the tinsel! Sorry, not sorry. I love tinsel!!! I don’t care if people think it’s old-fashioned, I love it. Plus, these days, there is some gorgeous looking tinsel out there. Like the lights, make sure you snake the tinsel in and out of the tree, don’t just wrap it around the outside. Always aim to add depth.
  4. Start to add the baubles. I use big baubles at the bottom, small at the top, and medium ones in the middle. The exceptions to this are my absolute favourite ornaments which I put all over the front of the tree. These are, in my house, the expensive decorations, the statement ornaments. I have gold butterflies which I have cascaded down my tree. The best ornaments always go on the front of the tree.
  5. Invest in some expensive baubles for the outside of the tree, buy cheap ones to place inside the tree. Remember, adding depth is important! You don’t want your expensive decorations hidden inside the tree, but you do need decorations in there. And, who’s going to go digging around to see if the decorations inside the tree are expensive or not? And if they do? Well, tell them to sod off!!
  6. The most important step. Sit back and relax. Your tree is now decorated!

Decorating your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be hard work and you don’t have to overthink it. It should be fun! If you’re on a tight budget and you have kids, get them to make decorations. My kids used to love that. You don’t need to have a colour theme if you don’t want to. I do because I like it that way. Reds, golds and purples work well together. Then there’s the classic combination of red, green and gold. You could do a peacock colour theme with a green tree, blue, teal and purple coloured decorations, or like this on a white tree:


There’s the black and gold combination and silver and gold. Or, what about a white tree with silver, white and ice blue decorations? There are so many different ideas. Go on google and have a look for ideas that you like. As the years go by, you’ll collect decorations and you can then swap and change your ideas around.

Remember, Christmas is supposed to be fun! Your tree, your rules!!

This is the kids’ tree to decorate themselves, in any way they want. I love it!!


2 thoughts on “My Six Tips to Decorate a Christmas Tree”

  1. I love Christmas Trees! Every year I buy or make some new ornaments so I need to have really big Christmas tree πŸ˜‰ My husband can’t understand this obsessions about trees at home but I just love them.


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