A Do-It-Yourself Advent Calendar

If I have the energy I love to make my kids an advent calendar and fill it with goodies I know they like. This calendar can be made as inexpensive or as luxurious as you want.

This is how I do it but there’s plenty of scope to make the project your own.

What you will need:

24 Pegs

Blu tack (or any other sticky tack alternative)

24 envelopes

A selection of goodies ( I have lots of chocolate, some small pens, notepads and even a Christmas tree decoration for the 24th)

What you need to do:

Take the pegs and arrange them how you want to on a wall or door, sticking them down with blu tack. I found these great Christmassy red pegs from a local Hobby Craft store, but you can use ordinary pegs and decorate them yourself, or, you could use the small novelty pegs that you can buy to hang cards at this time of year. However, these small pegs won’t be strong enough to hold heavy envelopes so you’d need to be careful with what you placed in them.

I arrange my pegs on a door in a Christmas tree design, like this:


I have bought a Father Christmas decoration for the top of the tree, but you could add whatever you wanted to, or you could make something, like a star, for the purpose.

Take twenty-four envelopes and place your chosen goodies inside. I like to give a good selection of edible and non-edible treats. I usually make the twenty-fourth envelope really special. Here I have a large chocolate treat and a really pretty Christmas tree decoration.

Sometimes I decorate the envelopes with Christmas stickers. I have kept them plain this year because I like the craft colour of the envelopes. You can also number the envelopes if you so wish. I don’t as the pegs I’m using already have numbers on them. If you used plain pegs you could decorate them and add numbers on yourself.

I place an envelope in each peg, leaving the special 24th envelope to the last day.


Then, each morning during December, my kids wake up and grab the numbered envelope that corresponds to the date. This has become somewhat of a tradition in my house! The kids love it!

You don’t have to do the calendar in the shape of a tree. You can do any design you wish. You could peg the envelopes from a line of string like this:


Or, you could use paper cones instead of envelopes. Once the envelope or cone has been taken the pegs can then be used to hold your Christmas cards.


And if you prefer not to use chocolate, or the calendar is for an older child you could put vouchers in the envelopes, little cosmetics such as nail varnish, or lipstick, or even DIY vouchers that allow your child a special treat.

The great thing with this calendar is that you can customize it however you wish. You can keep the pegs for the next year and then start all over again. The choices are endless!





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