Twenty-Four Beautiful Things I’ve Found on Conscious Crafties – Part One

It might sound rather odd but having fibromyalgia hasn’t been all bad. Yeah, there’s been a hell of a lot of negatives, and I wish I didn’t have it, but I cannot deny the positives that have come with it (no matter how small).

The first positive is that my life has changed dramatically. Yeah, I can’t do everything I used to, but having fibromyalgia has forced me into finding different ways of doing things. If it wasn’t for fibromyalgia I wouldn’t have been writing this blog, and I wouldn’t have started making resin jewellery. And, if I hadn’t started making jewellery I wouldn’t have set up my own shop, A Pocketful of Stardust on Etsy or on Conscious Crafties.

But today’s post isn’t about me. Today’s post (and the next one) is about the amazing people on Conscious Crafties who, despite chronic illness or pain, or caring for those with disabilities, make some amazing stuff. They are so talented that I wanted to share their work with you.

So what is Conscious Crafties?

Conscious Crafties

Conscious Crafties About Page, says that, “Conscious Crafties is an online marketplace and support community for creative people living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Health Conditions, Disability or Caring for love ones affected.” However, it’s so much more than that. It’s a very welcoming and safe place for those who need a friend and it gives those of us who have chronic illnesses a way of being productive once more.

Karen Thomas, the founder of Conscious Crafties, writes that she realised that the people she met in her support networks “all shared the same sense of loss, we’d lost friends (because not many stick around when you have to let people down at the last minute), some of us had lost jobs (due to being unreliable) and the biggest thing that hurt deep into my soul was the overwhelming loss of purpose, we all felt useless. I desperately wanted to make that better.” And so Conscious Crafties was born!

So, let’s get down to the real purpose of this post. Let’s celebrate the amazing and beautiful things that the lovely people on Conscious Crafties make.

Twenty-Four Beautiful Things I’ve found on Conscious Crafties:

There are so many beautiful items that I’ve split the post in two, with each post detailing twelve items from six different shops. The shops and items are in no particular order. I think they are all pretty amazing!

From SewMrsB:

Jayne, the owner of SewMrsB, crafts whilst having one of the worlds rarest eyes diseases (Vogt Kayonagi Harada Syndrome) and she also has Intracranial Hypertension.

SewMrsB specialises in handmade clothes and bows for children, and the fabric they use is to die for. I particularly love the Unicorn leggings:

Find them here (price ranging from £8.00 to£14.00). And this little reindeer bow is so cute:

You can buy the bow here for an amazing £3.50!

From Handmade Quilts by Les:

Handmade Quilts by Les, is another shop that uses absolutely fabulous fabrics! Lesley makes gorgeous quilts, thread paintings and bags, whilst living with Secondary Progressive MS.

My favourite is the girl’s applique quilt, an absolute bargain at £35.00:

And the Embroidered Thread Painted Unicorn at an amazing £10.00:

From Off the Hook:

Zoe, the owner of Off the Hook makes gorgeous candles, bracelets and bobble hats whilst living with ME and CFS.

Here is the absolutely beautiful Silver Plated Dragonfly Bracelet:

Priced at £10.80 this delicious purple bracelet is made from amethyst beads and diffusing lava stone beads with a cute little dragonfly charm for embellishment.

I also love the scented mason jar candles priced at £25.00 for six:

The colours of these candles are delicious and have mouthwatering scents such as Cherry Brandy, apple and cinnamon (yummy!) and the delish chocolate orange!

From Linsflower Crochet:

Linsflower Crochet is run by Lindsey who crafts whilst living with ME, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism and anxiety. Her shop is devoted to amazing crochet items such as this Mermaid Tail Bag:

Buy it here for the bargain price of £10.00! And if you have a young girl in your family, or even a teenager who likes to go to festivals, this Flower Crown is for you:

This crown is unique as it’s been crocheted with love and is an absolute steal at £5.00. Find it here.

From Cam Creates:

Cam Creates is a feast for the eyes with its beautiful art prints. Cindy, the owner of Cam Creates, makes these fabulous images whilst living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and anxiety and depression. These are my favourites:

Nurturing Growth is a beautiful original art print priced at just £15.00:

This print is stunning and celebrates the precious relationship between mother and child. Also in the same style is Bee-Lieve, a limited edition print also priced at £15.00:

Not just a beautiful piece of art; it also has a crucial message about the importance of maintaining our bee population.

From Missys Matters:

Missys Matters, is run by Amanda who lives with Relapsing Polychondritis, Coronary Artery Spasm, Raynaud’s Phenomenon and previous Endometriosis causing adhesions.

The artwork in this shop is simply stunning! My favourites are:

The beautifully romantic Feather Kisses piece, priced at £6.00.

And, this fabulous feather black A6 card, priced at £1.50:

As you can see, chronic illness isn’t a barrier to creating beautiful pieces of art or clothing, or jewellery. Every one of these people has an amazing talent which they should be proud of! As Karen Thomas writes, ” Conscious Crafties is about empowering us all to be successful,” to “tell our stories and meet new like minded friends who understand our struggles. I’m also hoping it plays a key part in changing the way Disabled and Sick people are viewed by the world. We can still contribute and are incredibly talented!!”

We are! In fact, as I’ve said, there are so many talented people on Conscious Crafties that I’ve had to split the post in two! For more gorgeous items see my next post, Part 2.


With thanks to smborkowski6 on for the featured image.

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