Pain Distraction – Resin Skull Pendant Project

Resin skulls for pendants or keychain

I like to use skull imagery in my jewellery. Here I’m going to show you how to make a cool keychain or apotropaic skull charm.

Apotropaic means to avert, so these pendants are designed to avert evil. Perhaps the most familiar apotropaic symbol is the evil eye. Many cultures have charms made from eyes, called Evil Eyes or nazars, which are designed to protect the wearer from misfortune or injury from the evil eye curse.


You can see this necklace on Etsy. The above necklace can be found here.

What you will need:

Protective gloves,

Skull mould,

Epoxy Resin (here I’m using Gedeo Crystal Resin, a two part resin),

Colourant (I’m using a Mica powder from Amazon),

Embellishments of your choice (I’m using an irisdescent flower and rhinestones I purchased from Amazon),

A silver bail (if making a pendant),

Split ring and Lobster Clasp (if making a keychain),

E6000 glue.

Please note: I buy a lot of my supplies from Amazon because it’s easy and works for me. However, there are other suppliers out there. I am not being paid to promote Amazon, its products, or any other supplier.


  1. Find a skull mould that you like. I brought this skull ice cube mould from Amazon. I only use the front of the mould (the part with the front of The skull) because I want the back of the pendant to lay flat against my skin. If you’re using a silicone mould there’s no need to use a release spray. I’m using a silicone mould so the pendant will pop out quite easily once it’s cured. This is the one I use:IMG_1602
  2. Mix your resin up, making sure you’re wearing your protective gloves. I use Gedeo resin which mixes really well and produces very little bubbles. Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for mixing up any other resin. Gedeo uses one part hardener to two parts resin. Mix thoroughly, then mix again. Usually, this takes around three minutes.


  3. Add your colourant. Here I’ve used a mica powder from Aond that I found on Amazon. The powder comes in little sachets with a handy little scoop included. You only need a little of the powder, so it’s best to put in a little bit then add more if needed. It’s better to add it bit by bit because you can control the colour and the intensity of it more effectively. For this skull, I used the colour Magic Gold. I love the fact it looks like white chocolate once it’s cured. It also has a very attractive and delicate shimmer to it. IMG_1604Give the mixture a really good stir to ensure the colourant is distributed evenly. Now pour the coloured resin into your mould.
  4. Leave to cure for 24 hours (Curing is the process in which a chemical reaction takes place to produce a hard product at the end). It’s a good idea to cover with a bowl, or something like that, to stop dust and hairs becoming trapped and embedded in the drying resin.
  5. Make sure it feels dry on the bit that’s exposed after 24 hours. If it is, gently pop the skull from its mould.
  6. I usually leave the skulls for another 24 hours before I decorate or add hanging bails (Bails are made from metal and are attached to the back of the pendant. They have a loop on top which can be used to hang the pendant). You can use the skull plain, like these:       IMG_1318I’ve attached a split ring to the bails on these pendants to turn them into cool keychains. You can see them/ buy them on Etsy.
  7. Or hang from a chain, or a leather thong necklace, as I’ve done here:

    You can buy these on Etsy.

    Or make into keychains like this:

    Here, I took the skull out of the mould a little earlier and left it out to settle. This has produced a flatter, more authentic looking Day of the Dead pendant:


I love this skull. See this item here on Etsy.

Here’s a gallery of some of my other work:

Do you like skulls? What kind of skulls would you make?

You can see my whole range of skulls on Etsy.







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