Pain Distraction – Autumn Inspired Polymer Clay Project

I’ve just come back from taking the dog for a walk. We were out for twenty minutes. TWENTY MINUTES! Yay, go me!! (I’ll probably regret it later :))

Anyway, after walking through the park with the trees in glorious colour, I thought I’d share my polymer clay pendants that I made the other day as pain distraction, and inspired by those very trees.

Don’t get too excited though, I’m such a noob when it comes to clay 🙂

So, here we go:

I collected some fabulous leaves. I didn’t want anything too big because I wanted to transfer some of the leaf detail onto the clay but I also wanted to leave some clay without leaf detail on. I used clean, dry leaves but not leaves that had dried too much that they would crumble when I tried to remove them from the clay. Here’s what I found:IMG_1464Look at those fabulous shapes! I think the larger leaf is a Field Maple. Not sure what the others are (any help to identify them is most welcome).

I picked four colours of clay, inspired by autumn – orange, yellow, reddy-brown and (believe it or not) the third clay is a greeny-brown (not the grey it looks like in the picture) – and pulled a little bit off each and rolled them into a ball. IMG_1446.JPG

I rolled the ball out with a rolling pin. Professionals use a pasta machine to roll their clay out (but as I told you, I’m a complete noob and therefore lacking in both skill and tools :)).  I then picked a leaf I really liked and placed it onto the top of the rolled out clay.




After I’d rolled the leaf into the clay, I dusted gold glitter over the clay and the leaf before gently pulling the leaf off.




Then I placed a piece of cling film over the clay (a fab tip I’ve picked up from somewhere, although I don’t remember where so I can’t give proper credit, sorry!) and pushed a heart shaped cutter into it. You can’t see my cutter as it’s covered in crap from a failed resin experiment (What? Some things are just too private to share, lol!!!). The cling film helps to produce a neat, rounded edge and also helps to prevent the clay sticking in the cutter. I picked a heart shaped cutter but you could do any shape you wanted.




I used a cocktail stick to make a hanging hole in the top. I bunged (sorry, placed) the heart, and a few other pieces I made, into the oven for an hour at 130 degrees C. Make sure you use the baking instructions for your particular type of clay.

These are what I came up with in this craft session. On the other heart – underneath the first heart pendant – I used gold acrylic paint instead of glitter.


I think the heart I made would look great hung from a brown, woven leather necklace, like this:


I really enjoyed this craft session as it wasn’t something that I’d ever tried before. I’m very happy with it.

What do you think?

Polymer clay is great for those with chronic illness because you can take your time with it and it doesn’t dry out. It’s a great medium to work with and an excellent way to distract yourself from pain. AND it’s quite cheap.

What are you inspired to make?

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