Pain Distraction

I’m having one of those days where I can’t do much. I’ve tried doing jewellery but my hands are trembling and in pain. It’s one of those days where I can’t paint either so I’ve decided to surf the web as that only requires one finger tap at a time and, although I’m beyond tired today, even I can manage that! 🙂

Anyway, whilst surfing the web, I’ve found this interesting article about Art Therapy versus Craft Therapy on Psych Central. Read it here, Personally, I like both. Art, craft, making a mess, what’s not to like? Except the cleaning up after 😦 And now I’m on that subject…

My hubby hasn’t noticed the resin stains on the dining room table yet. I don’t think I’ll tell him either. Or, now I’ve come to think about it, the holographic glitter spots that have somehow attached themselves to the chair. I didn’t do it on purpose. The spots must have jumped into the resin and then jumped back out onto the chair when I wasn’t looking.

And that isn’t my fault, is it….?

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